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About Equiplus & Equi-N-icE 

Equiplus was established in 2001 by Kay Russell  and was origianlly a clothing company for riding clothes. 

But the direction of the company was to change course when Kay had an 'eureka' moment. 

Kay has always been involved with competition horses in both Eventing and Horse Racing. It was this insight that led, first to the development of Equi-N-icE and later to Physicool.

We used the Equi-N-icE bandages at every 'Vet Gate', they really helped stablise the legs. It was our first time in Dubai and we used the cool bandages for travelling by air. They prevented swelling in the legs as so often associated with human travel and the rug helped to relax the horse."

Janice Cockley-Admans, Endurance Rider

Kay has always been involved with horses and she knew the problems associated with keeping horses cool and in providing cooling to deal with bruises, twists and knocks. 

While watching how athletes deal with heat in extreme hot conditions when racing, Kay realised that, in horses, working with the body to pull the heat away rather than trying to force cold in was the smart way forward: the way to reduce horses temperature in horses was by rapid evaporation

Kay developed the Equi-Ni-icE Horse Cooling Bandage which subsequently underwent extensive trials at Greyfriars Equine Veterinary Clinic, Guildford on 28th July 2004.

The trials were a success and the product was lauched and is used today across the UK, Ireland, France, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Germany and the UAE.

The bandages can be safely used in competition and horses treated with Equi-N-icE bandages have been consistently blood and urine tested even whilst using the product, under Jockey Club rules.

I used the Equi-N-Ice product on my horse after he had been worked- I tested this product over approximately two weeks. I applied the bandages for the minimum time of 20 minutes. Once I had taken them off I checked my horses legs for heat. His legs were still cool for a long period of time after.

I really do rate this product! The bandages were easy to apply and also to recharge using the fluid. Best of all ... No refrigeration is required which means I can put the bandages straight on to cool him down after competing !"

Amanda Prior, AP Equine Reviews

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